Production process

Step 1 :
Prepare stamping and color
First, we prepared based Arabic patterns chosen by customers.
(*) In this step, if your customers want to use the new pattern, we can also create a new Arab-based design request with surcharge.
The colors will be combined according to customer's choice. You can choose the color for the bricks from our 75 standard colors. You only need to specify color code choices for each pattern.
(*) In this step, if you want a new color is not in the standard colors of Secoin then we can develop the new color. This will include additional surcharge.

Step 2:
Put into molds Arabic
Steel molds will be prepared and Arabic motifs created will be placed inside the mold steel.

Step 3 :
Fill the first layer bricks
A liquid mixture including white cement, natural stone powders, pigments and additives (mixed with the correct color) will be poured by hand into its own mold. Different mixes will be used to generate different colors for the bricks. This is the first fill layer for bricks.
The picture above is an example of the shed 3 different colors for a brick. The first color is white, then green and finally black.
The color poured into molds and Arabic is a very important operation requires workers to highly skilled and experienced.
In our factory, we do believe a lot of patterns and colorful effects. Some of the pattern can be up to 10 colors!

Step 4:
Get out of the mold Arabic
Arab will be removed from the mold, leaving a layer of texture on the surface.