Description brick



Along with the historical development since the 2000s, Tan Tien tiles have become a handicraft art masterpiece with varied colors and exquisite patterns.

Brick two main layers: the first layer with the layer thickness of 2 mm color and pattern; the second layer is made up of gray cement and fine sand particles ensure the hardness of brick. From raw materials like cement, sand, pigments and additives, tiles not only make up for an ordinary product, but it also contains vivid soul is put in by the golden hands of savvy artists.

Tan Tien tiles bring a natural charm and a unique, easy to use for both in house and in the yard of the housing projects and commercial. To use most effectively achieved, the surface is polished tile, use chemical protective layer surface UV suitable for outdoor installations, or waterproof, grease and stain resistant stains for indoor installation, or anti-slip for installations in swimming pools and water basin pedestals.

Tan Tien 100% cotton tiles are recyclable and environmentally friendly with natural materials and unused fuel in the production process

Come to New advances and choose your house designs or motifs favorite! If you want a separate space using patterns designed by you - please contact us and we'll turn ideas inspired you to become a reality by now.