Products info

1.     Cement tiles description
Cement tiles is made by handsome with a lot of colour and deversity design. From common material such as : cement, sand, colour flour.  Cement tiles is higt aesthetic made in the hands of experienced artisans.  Its was formed by 2 layers :  colour layer &  gray flower pattern  are thickness 2mm, and  gray subtrate thickness 14mm to protect balace and strength of tile. In tomorrow, when the environment is polluted,cement tiles are developed, it is necessary . Because into cement tiles have friendly , use 100 percent natural material and  no fuel production process
2.     Technical specification

TanTien Cement Tiles are manufactured to conform to the Vietnamese Standard for Cement Tiles code TCVN 6065:1995.

Below is an excerpt of technical requirements from the Standard:

4.1. Surface of tilesshall be covered by one colour or diffirentpatterns. Surface of plain colour tiles must be not faded and like standard colour equally. Patterned tiles must have clear lines and be not blurred. Minimum thickness of decorative layer is not less than 2,5mm.

4.2. Surface of tiles must be flat and polished without scratches. Corners must be square, edges must be straight. Depending on acceptable defects on apperance, cement floor tilesshall bedevided into two grades as given in table 1:

Table 1

Name of defects

Allowed level

First grade

Second grade

1. Maximum tolerence of square corners in mm is not bigger than



2. Maximum of warpingsurface in mm is not bigger than



3. Maximum of curving edges in mm is not bigger than



4. Maximum of colour fading, tolerencesbetween lines and connection of patterns comparedto standard colour in mm is not bigger than.



5. Breakage of facing layer, its depth is not over 1mm and its length is not over 10mm.Caculated by marks, spots is not over



6. Breakage of corners onfacing layer is not over 3mm.Caculated by marks, spots is not over





7. Breakage of base layerwith size is not over 10mm.Caculated by marks, spots is not over




4.3. Both first and second grades of cement floor tiles will must meet physical standards as following table 2:

Table 2

Name of criteria


1. Abrasion of facing layer(g/cm2) is not over


2. Water absorption (%)is not over


3. Impact strength, times, not less than

25 (times)

4. Breaking load pressed on whole tile, daN/pcs is not less than



5. Hardness of facing layer



3.      Installation guide
 When tiles are installed, to keep  in box, carefully preserved. To be continue, in the production process which arranged by  handsome. 
  installing on the floor is simplied but required merticulous, needed  prepare  carefully floor before installing.
During installing, if on surface stains was done, you must be treated immediately.
4.     Products process
Ceramic Products Cotton is our senior producer on 100% manual methods.
  • Phase 1: Preparation of template-based models is available, or own choice that customers demand.
  • If customers wish to produce a new form sent out a form available at the unit, the customer will incur additional design fees and surcharges.
  • Phase 2: Colors will be mixed according to customer requirements - companies we have successfully prepared 45 kinds of standard color discrimination based on models that we conducted combined.
  • Phase 3: By molding and stamped steel flowers are made of copper metal to create patterns inside the mold.
  • Stage 4: Water combined with natural mixed color, white cement, marble powder and some natural additives need to be used with the spoon, and carrot patch on the face of the mold pattern is divided in tiles . Step 1 Fill the first layer into the mold
  • Phase 5: Arab States is removed, leaving the inside of the mold pattern.
  • Stage 6: Step 2 - blending a mixture of PCB40 cement and fine sand, stone powder mixed dark green, very well, then incubated 24 h, this class is ray, light is first class, second class 2 - mixed by PCB40 cement, lime, sand better grades 1 to create the necessary day of bricks.
  • Stage 7: All materials are put into steel molds and pressed 2 times to create stiffness, maximum compression for good tiles
  • Stage 8: Members tiles with patterns and colors characteristic set is created when separated from the steel surface of the mold - and has produced a product that we have created it.
  • Stage 9: The product is soaked, then used sandpaper with maximum smoothness, conducted hygiene, polished tiles for good.
  • Stage 10: The product will be tested strictly before the entire package.
Products are stored in a dry place in a certain time and is considered a layer of varnish to create the perfect product.
Products are packaged and preserved best customers.