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TanTien Enterprise Well Come to guest

           Thank you for your about believed and useful tiles product of our company along time. With the development of paticular economic Danang city and genaral economic Viet Nam country, our business has been constantly  innovating in all aspect  in order to improve quality and supply products to bringing satisfactional customer  in the market .  With the slogen “ the quality ahead”, our desireous bring safe, trust and perfect beauty in the buildings.

          Along time 20  years experience, Tan Tien enterprise has confident bring trade mark comparable to other products  in the  adobe tiles industry, orientating to bring our product to the world market, Tan Tien tiles try to envidence role and capacity worthy the crystallized labor  Vietnamese.

 Tan Tien confidence  accompany with you and  the  buildings

2. Introduction view

Ad : No 17 Tran Hoanh Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City

Tel:  05113 951 307 – 0983 110 950 – 0982 258 658

Fax: 05113 951 307

Email: Tantien.tdn@gmail.com

Active business :  product cement tiles , Block tileS, Terrzzo tiles, Daramic tiles. Product and crafted artistic stone

                        The charter capital : 1.400.000.000 VND

3. History Fomation

-         1993:  from passion Vietnamese culture, the first product of Tan Tien was formed, which

      Cement tiles were designed in simpl and closeness  with the cultural life of Viet Nam, satify denmand spending for small and private business.

-         1999: Further guide developing of Da Nang, the route city grew up, accompanied by demand about tiles sidewalk. Ever after, Tan Tien directed Block Tiles product, expanding market. Tan Tien has become the first Block Tiles production.

-         2002 : With the first success, Tan Tien invested Block Tiles  manufacturing systems with automating pressure. 4/12/2002  it was legitimized becoming Tan Tien Enterprise , basic of office No 38 Nguyen Van Troi Street – Da Nang City.

-         2007  In the recessiono of period cement tiles , formed our enterprise  becoming the important pedal to expand  production, marked  important introduction of  cement contruction tiles.

-         2008 : new trend of  tiles manufacturing on the point, enterprise has’nt hesitated  to product Daramic tiles, and supplied a lot of production on the Da nang market and the neighborinh areas

-         16/7/2010 : Our enterprise moved office to new location at 17 Tran Hoanh Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City, and second business registration, futher development.

-         2012: Now, our business has been for 19 years, achieved the success and create trade mark in market. Go back of Cement Tiles is necessary that we has been developing high-up Cement Tiles, called crystallizated VietNam.

Now, Tan Tien ready supply 5 products in market, such as:  Cement Tiles, Block Tiles, Cement Construction Tiles, Dramic Tiles, Terazzo Tiles.

 To improve quality service, satisfy hight requirement of customer, we often increase about manufacturing system, train technique and for  staffs.

About us